Renewable Energy

Chile is the perfect country to learn about Renewable Energy. The diverse geography means the country not only boasts a variety of amazing landscapes, but is also the ideal place to develop a wide range of non conventional energy projects which are far less impacting than traditional thermal power stations such as coal.

We will start in Santiago and then travel north to Elqui Valley to discover and learn about the different kinds of renewable energies through site visits and talks from experts along the way. We will learn about the range of different technologies including hydro, wind, solar, biomass, tidal and geothermal. We will visit a variety of different projects including a hydroelectric power station, and a wind field where we will get close to the turbines and the control centre. Through meetings with local opposition groups we will learn that with any development, there are impacts which have to be considered. In our down time we will take part in some physical activities such as surfing in order to experience firsthand the power of the ocean that drives tidal power and whitewater rafting on a river which drives hydroelectric power production. This is a program that will give you clear knowledge and insights into the world´s, and more specifically Chile`s, energy crisis, as well as different points of view on how renewables can play a key part in providing energy for the future.

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